Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Our biggest decision was our photographer. We both feel that its the only thing we will have left after the wedding (besides our marriage of course). So we wanted to make sure had a good photographer.
I spent some time researching online, and found many amazingly talented photographers, but in the end we chose Bella Pictures. Some reason we chose Bella over other photographers are

  • The are a huge company with many photographers working for them, so if something happened that the photographer can't make it like their sick of it their camera were to break, they have someone ready to fill in.
  • If we have any issue with the photographer or any problems with the pictures after the wedding there is a huge company that it accountable for it and who are dedicated to making you happy.
  • They have a team who's job is only to create your photo album compared to a photographer doing.

Hopefully our pictures come out amazing!

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